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Application of Laser products in Outdoor Product Industry


Oct. 27, 2021

Sheet metal processing equipment includes sheet metal cutting equipment and sheet metal forming equipment. Traditional sheet metal cutting equipment shearing machine, punch, flame cutting, plasma cutting, high pressure water cutting and so on.

The shearing machine is suitable for machining linear sheet metal parts with simple shape, which is usually used in the sheet metal cutting process.

The punch can process complex sheet metal parts, but it needs to manufacture the corresponding die according to the part size, the development cycle is relatively long, and it is difficult to change the die after it is done.


Application of Laser products in Outdoor Product Industry

Laser cutting is a process upgrade of sheet metal processing and a “machining center” in sheet metal processing.


Laser cutting has the advantages of high flexibility, fast cutting speed, high consumption efficiency, short product consumption cycle, no deformation, no tool wear and good material adaptability.

Both simple and complex parts can be cut by laser once fine rapid prototyping, which has the advantages of narrow cutting seam, good cutting quality, high automation level, tedious operation, low labor intensity and no pollution, and can complete automatic cutting layout and nesting.

The application rate of data is improved, the consumption cost is low, and the economic benefit is good.


Application of Laser products in Outdoor Product Industry

Fire pit and metal mailbox products, the main parts products are made by sheet metal processing technology.


There are a lot of fire pit, in order to make the product more beautiful, will make some hollowed-out patterns on the surface of the parts, these hollowed-out patterns, with punch processing is more troublesome, need to open the corresponding mold, change a pattern and need to open the mold again, so the development cycle is long, the cost is high. Now with the laser cutting machine, we can design the parts of fire pit.

According to the drawings, we can use the laser cutting machine to process the parts once, and then through the forming process such as bending, we can complete the required parts. If you want to change to a different pattern, you only need to change the procedure of laser cutting. At the same time, using this process, the UNIDO cycle of the product is greatly shortened.

Application of Laser products in Outdoor Product Industry

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